What is Crew Manager?

Crew Manager provides a boat website with features the Skipper & Crew will use throughout the sailing season. In a nutshell, the team website provides a “Who, What, When, Where and Wear” schedule with automatic reminders.  After an event, the Skipper may post results and crew members may submit comments, pictures and stories about the event. Crew Manager works on most any device with a web browser including PC, Mac, iPad, Android tablet, iPhone and Android Phone.

  • Provides a calendar of events for the boat and crew. Additional pages contain links of interest, weather and winds
  • Events include boat location and time to be there and may specify “Uniform” (e.g. orange shirts). It also may include regatta registration status and fee payment status for an event.
  • Crew members set their availability to participate in each event – this is displayed on the events.  Crew updating availability on the website sends an immediate email to the Skipper.
  • The Skipper designates boat positions for available crew members and makes assignments by crew member (e.g. bring beer) – all these are displayed on the event
  • Additional information may be included such as weather forecast, tides & currents, links to race documents, etc.
  • Crew members receive a reminder email 36 hours (or lead time as as set by the Skipper) prior to events for which they are scheduled – all the event information is included
  • The Skipper may email the Crew using groups listed in a dropdown for “All Crew”, Core Crew” or those scheduled for a particular event.
  • The Skipper may view a Crew report with shirt & jacket sizes to buy swag!
  • The Skipper may view a Crew report for One Design crew weights summed for an event and automatically verify Sailor Classifications from the World Sailing database.
  • The Skipper may view a Crew participation report to show the number of times a crew member was scheduled for a position during the season – helpful if you rotate crew positions and want to try and balance the assignments.

The Crew Manager Support Forum has complete user documentation and a place to ask questions.

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